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Anyone with a bucket and a brush can lay down a layer of sealcoat.  It takes the expertise and hands-on experience of a professional seal coater, however, to ensure that the job has been conducted in a manner which promotes the most safe, even surface, maximum protection, and safety to the environment.  At Trimaldi Roadways, we’ve been working hard over the past five decades to build a reputation as one of Rochester’s most respected sealcoating companies.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to protect your high-traffic parking lot, or a homeowner searching for sealcoating services that are honest, reliable and well-established, here are a few reasons to call Trimaldi.

  • Over 50 years of professional sealcoating and Rochester driveway services

  • Our sealcoating rates are among the most competitive throughout WNY

  • Advanced process honed over 50 years improves protection & cost efficiency  

  • All sealcoating services are performed by our own team of paving experts

Where Rochester Goes for Superior Sealcoating

Thinking about giving your parking lot a quick once-over?  A homeowner whose driveway desperately needs some TLC? Selling your property and looking to boost curb appeal?  Whatever the reason may be, you can have complete confidence in the expertise and integrity that have made Trimaldi a trusted name in Rochester for over 50 years. 

Get answers to your questions or start your free estimate by calling Trimaldi Roadways at 585-544-1640, and we’ll be happy to get you started.