We have nothing but respect for the do it yourself crowd, as even we have been known to tackle projects around our own homes that have little to do with paving.  But when it comes to your driveway, the expertise of a seasoned professional can offer a wide range of advantages. If you’re new to residential sealcoating and want it done right, calling a pro can save you time while ensuring a perfectly level, safe and symmetrical application.

Here are some of the foremost reasons why it’s wise to contact a professional paving company when the time comes to seal and protect your driveway.

Experience and Refined Process

Anyone with the tools and materials can get out there and lay down a coat of decent looking sealer, but don’t expect it to rival the precision and aesthetics that you’d get from a pro. A lot happens during the cooling and finishing process, and this can result in uneven surfaces, ridges and gaps if certain measures aren’t addressed during each phase of the process.  A pro sealcoater has likely seen these all before and, hopefully, will know exactly how to prevent them during mix, prep and application.

Better Equipment and Materials

Having your driveway sealed always results in some form of inconvenience, though it’s up to you as to how long you’re forced to endure it.  Going about the process on your own will likely eat up an entire Saturday or Sunday, not to mention the downtime and parking challenges while waiting for it to finish.  If you apply too dense a layer, this could leave your cars on the street for days. Professional sealcoaters use state of the art tools and materials, allowing them to complete the job quickly and properly while getting you back to life as you know it.

More Professional Results

When you decide to DIY your driveway sealcoating, you’ll likely run down to the local hardware store and pick up the basics.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with this. But in light of their low cost and very basic design, they won’t offer the protection or appearance that you might expect from a professional paving company who’s using the best of the best.  Letting a professional do the job almost always results in driveways that look better, last longer, and get completed in a much shorter timeframe.

Affordable Sealcoating in Rochester NY

If you’re in the Rochester NY area and interested in learning more about the benefits of having your driveway sealed by an experience, trusted professional, call Trimaldi Roadways today at 585-544-1640.  We’ve been serving Rochester and WNY since 1963 and offer some of the area’s most competitive rates.